Aba, escort bisexual servicio completo en Palermo


Aba Nodriza

Age 28
Height 5'4"
Measures 95-70-100
Gift 200 U$D
Attention Full time

Sexuality pours from my skin

I am Aba, a 28-year-old Buenos Aires woman, writer and lover of erotic literature.

Sexuality pours from my skin and I love making my most intimate fantasies come true.

Disfruto muchísimo la previa, los besos de lengua intenso, dar y recibir sexo oral.

I am bisexual, I am very excited by the female body, I hope we can organize a threesome with one of my friends.

The ideal date for me is to give myself completely to a gentleman who knows how to please a woman.

I realize all kinds of fantasies, I attend to my apartment in Palermo, hotels and homes.

I'll wait for you! 💋