Surely on a visit to a telo you have seen a Tantra chair and wondered how you could use them.

With a little imagination it is easy to discover various positions in which you can use the Tantra chair with your VIP companion. But let's see a little more about the “foal of love”, what is it? What is your story? What are the sexual positions that can be done in this?

If you have never come across one of these chairs in person, we recommend that you visit a transitional shelter, many of them have these chairs in their rooms. See which temporary shelter is most comfortable for you in our Telos in CABA Guide.

What is the Tantra chair?

The “Tantra Couch” is a piece of furniture used to have sexual relations. Its curved upper part is characteristic, with two camel-style humps, although one higher than the other.
It is known by several names, including “love foal”, “Tantra chair” or “Tantra sofa”.

The measurements of a Tantra chair are 1.6 meters. long, 70 cm high and 45 cm wide.

Origin of the Foal of Love

The first tantric chair was created in 1880, designed specifically to enhance sexual experiences by none other than King Edward VII of England. There is a documentary of BBC that explores his lustful life titled “The Prince of Pleasure Who Became King”. In this documentary you can see the famous chair that he used to satisfy his voracious sexual appetite, in which he could have sexual relations with two vip prostitutes at the same time without effort, because there were some obstacles to being supported comfortably.

As time went by, the idea transformed until it ended up in the armchair that can be found in various motels of Capital Federal.

Escort recostada en ropa interior en un sillón Tantra

Benefits of the Tantra chair

  • It allows you to get out of the routine and explore different sexual positions with your escort.
  • It provides good support, avoiding muscle tension, so you will get less tired.
  • It is functional for anyone regardless of their weight or height.
  • Some love racks have anchors to be able to do bondage and BDSM.

Tantra Couch Positions

Below you have a useful image with several of the sexual positions that you can practice on a love rack.

Posiciones sexuales en el potro de amor, también conocido como sillon tantra

Video of sexual positions on the Tantra couch

With the previous images of the different sexual positions that you can perform on the Tantra chair, you should already have a good idea of what you can do with a Palermo Escort in this one.

Likewise, if there is a photo there is a video. Below we leave you a video in which you can see these positions in practice in the Tantra chair.

Now you know how to use that armchair that you saw in several telos of Capital Federal. That waits ? Meet a Vip escort in Recoleta and put your new knowledge into practice.