Maybe you are single and want some beautiful lady to accompany you on a cold winter night, or your wife is just leaving home for a few days and you want to take advantage of the jacuzzi. Be that as it may, there are some things you should know before inviting an escort to your home, let's look at everything you should know before calling one escort at home.

How to choose an escort who goes to your home?

First of all, you should look for an escort who offers in-home service, most of them do, but you should check.
Another important point is that you choose your escort at home from a site that validates that the profiles published are of independent escorts and with real photos, just as it does Here you can find a list of all the prostitutes who provide service at your place in Capital Federal.

General recommendations

If you are going to invite an escort to your home, it is very important that you have your house in order and presentable, the same as you... do not wait for her in your home clothes.
Escorts take great care of their reputation so you should not have problems with things missing, that being said, it is best not to tempt the devil so do not leave valuable things on display.

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Allow the escort to gain confidence

Upon arriving home, the busty escort probably will be watching where is getting into and that it is not a dangerous situation. This is why it is recommended that you allow him to enter and look at the place so that he can relax. Don't have everything closed, have some windows open.
If you want, you can offer the escort something to drink, if it is in a closed bottle, she will surely accept the offer much calmer.

The neighbor problem

This depends a lot on your marital status, whether you are in an apartment or house, and how sleazy your neighbors are.
You may want to plan the visit for a time when the escort has little chance of running into anyone in the apartment.
Also what you can do is ask the escort to go low profile so as not to attract too much attention, some girls could never achieve this even if they tried.

Erasing traces of the visit

This is another point that depends on your marital status, if you are married or have a stable partner this point is key... it could end in your wife taking half of your assets.

As you know, women have a strange tendency to forget their ponytails or hair clips, rings and/or other trinkets, even if they don't forget anything they are sure to leave hair, a lot of hair.
If your wife comes back and finds hair of a different length and/or color in your house, she will have a big problem trying to explain what happened, especially if the hair is in your bed or jacuzzi.
That is why once the Puerto Madero escort has left your home, you should check the places where you have been carefully and clean thoroughly.
It is advisable to change the sheets after the match and a very useful trick to gather the hairs from the floor is to do it with packing tape, lifting the hairs from the floor by hand is more complicated than it sounds.

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In conclusion, bringing an escort to your home has some benefits, but it also has some complications that might convince you that it is better to meet somewhere motel in the city of Buenos Aires.