In this guide we will see what are the advantages of going to a transitional shelter with a escort in CABA and what is the history of the telos in Buenos Aires. For those who are visiting the Federal Capital as tourists and do not know much, we have a map of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.
Finally, you will also find a list of love hotels in the city ordered by neighborhood.

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List of love hotels in CABA, Buenos Aires

Lista de telos por barrio

Lista de telos por nombre

History of love hotels (telos)

Origen del telo en Argentina

Love hotels, also known as "telos" in Argentina, are hotels intended to provide temporary accommodation for couples or groups of people who want intimacy and privacy. 

The history of love hotels in Argentina goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, small hotels and pensions began to emerge that offered rooms for hours or short periods of time. Originally it was to serve travelers who needed a place to rest during their journeys.

Over time, these places began to adapt to the needs of couples seeking privacy and discretion to have intimate encounters. As Argentine society evolved and social norms relaxed, transitory shelters became an increasingly popular option.

In the 1960s and 1970s, with the advent of the sexual revolution and cultural changes, love hotels multiplied in Argentina. They established themselves in urban areas and became more sophisticated in their design and services. They began to offer themed rooms, jacuzzis, mirrors on the ceiling and other elements that increased the experience and enjoyment of couples.

Paso a la legalidad de los albergues transitorios

Although in the beginning the hotel accommodations were considered clandestine or taboo places, over time they gained greater social and legal acceptance. In the 1980s, the Antivenereal Prophylaxis Law was promulgated, which recognized the existence of these establishments and established regulations to guarantee the hygiene and safety of customers. This law also allowed transitional shelters to operate as legal, registered businesses.

In 1997 it was achieved that same-sex couples could enter. While in 2018, after a great fight, the law that allows swingers threesomes and couples to enter the rooms is approved.

Today, love hotels are an established part of Argentine culture and are present throughout the country. They have evolved to adapt to the needs and preferences of clients, offering a wide range of rooms and services to satisfy different tastes and budgets.

Why go to a love hotel with an escort?

Going to a hotel accommodation with a escort from CABA generates an extra expense for the meeting, the cost of the room, but it has several advantages. Some of these benefits can be:

  • Anonymity: By not having to register, both you and your escort can reserve your true identity.
  • Discretion: Transitional shelters have private entrances and exits, allowing guests to keep a low profile and avoid contact with other guests. This can be especially useful for those looking to avoid unwanted encounters or maintain their privacy.
  • Themes and special amenities: Some telos offer themed rooms or rooms with special amenities, such as jacuzzis, ceiling mirrors, ambient lighting, among others.
  • Peace of mind: If you are staying at an Airbnb or traditional hotel, visits by unregistered people are generally not allowed and you could experience last-minute inconveniences.
  • Freedom: In a transitional shelter you should not worry about annoying noises, shouting, stained sheets, etc. You just have to worry about having a good time.

Map of neighborhoods in CABA, Buenos Aires

In case you are visiting the City of Buenos Aires, here is a map of the Buenos Aires neighborhoods for reference.

Listado de albergues transitorios en CABA, Buenos Aires -


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