VIP Escorts in CABA, Buenos Aires

More information about the world of escorts and sensual masseuses is a directory of Buenos Aires VIP escorts and masseurs who offer their personal adult services.

On this page you can find only the best independent escorts from Buenos Aires, CABA and Argentina. verifies that the photos in the ads correspond to the escort who requested the publication.

An escort is a person who offers their companion service in exchange for a fee, commonly known as a gift. It is important to know that an escort is not just a whore or prostitute. In the meetings with the escorts there is usually sex, but their service is more complete. The girls can accompany their clients to business affairs, dinners, places of entertainment or simply to have a conversation.

The service of each of the girls varies according to their tastes and interests. Because of this it is important to clarify what one is looking for when contacting them.

Prostitutes or whores only provide sexual services, while escorts have a much broader service. Many of them are university girls and they speak more than one language so they can have a good conversation.

Como en todo ámbito hay ciertas palabras que se utilizan que resultan raras para los recién llegados. Por eso creamos el Escort Dictionary para explicar cada una de ellas.

The services of each of the escort ladies are as unique as the women who provide them. That is why it is key that when contacting her chosen escort, she can explain well what she is looking for.

An escort could accompany you to a business event or dinner, go for a drink or accompany you to enjoy the nightlife of the Federal Capital.

In relation to sexual services, the offer is also very varied. Some girls offer conventional sex, others full service that is with anal. There are those who perform oral sex with or without a condom and some escorts specialize in fetishes, BSDM or role swapping.

Some escorts can also serve couples or make threesomes. In the case of threesomes, it is important to find out if the escorts practice lesbianism, because participating in a threesome does not mean that they are going to kiss and touch themselves with the other escort.

It is quite normal for escorts to charge an extra to their usual gift for the full service, threesome or any special request from the client.

Many escorts have their own apartment where they can meet their clients, although they also agree to meet in other places, such as a love hotel (telo).

If you want to have the meeting in a love hotel with your escort, you can visit our Guide to love hotels in CABA, Buenos Aires.

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It is important that you see where the lady you are interested in is located, because a Nuñez escort will probably not be comfortable going to a hotel accommodation in Microcentro.

If it is to your liking, you can ask the companion to go to your home, or meet somewhere for dinner or a walk together.

There are a large number of words with which escorts are called, being this word and companion the most used in Argentina. Note that escort begins with e, in several places it can be found written as "scort" but that is not spelled correctly.

It is worth clarifying that escort is not the same as whore, troll, prostitute or harlot, since those would be sex workers whose main activity is to provide sexual service.

In other countries you may hear that they are referred to as cueros, prepagos, taconeras or chiviricas.

Although an escort could give you massages, and many often offer them, it is generally not her specialty.

The girls who are sensual masseuses specialize in muscle relaxation and stress release through massages. For this they have generally studied and handle different techniques and styles of massage.

The sensual masseuses at the end of the massage session offer a manual relaxation, where they basically masturbate the client. Also prior arrangement and if both wish they could end up having sex, both oral and conventional.

The gift with which the masseuses publish is the one corresponding to a massage session, the extra is usually arranged on the spot.

When contacting a masseuse, it is convenient to clear all your doubts, especially if you are new to contracting this type of service.

To contact the girls you can use the send message buttons that are on their profiles. All the escorts in Buenos Aires have to be contacted by WhatsApp and some also have Telegram.

Escorts mostly only receive text messages. Do not make calls or audio messages if you want to be answered.

If you write to an escort and she doesn't answer you in 1 or 2 hours, you can send her a message again. Many of them prefer not to answer the messages after a couple of hours of receipt to avoid creating a privacy problem for the client.

It is recommended to have a photo where you can see your face in the WhatsApp profile. This is so because many girls are going to ask you to send them a selfie for security reasons. It is up to you whether or not you want to meet that requirement, but many escorts request it.

In communication, be cordial, brief and show interest in setting up the meeting quickly.

For example, a message could be "Hi Noe, I saw you on, could you tell me more about your service?".

The girls will surely send you a predefined message with the most common details, there you can ask more questions, clear up all the doubts you have about the service but do not reach the point where the escort feels that you are wasting her time.

Each escort has its own rate, also known as a gift.

In the publications are segmented into different categories. This allows selecting the girls that best suit the budget of each client.

The girls must request the same gift from the category in which they publish. Although they may charge additional depending on the service provided. For example, complete escorts can charge an additional fee for anal or for fulfilling certain fantasies or fetishes that the client requests.

Some escorts may also charge what they spend on transportation to get to the place of the appointment.

The gifts are expressed in USD. It is advisable to pay in dollars to avoid having problems with the exchange rate and not having to keep counting stacks of bills. Girls don't usually bring a ticket counter to the meet.

It is always important to clarify all the fare details prior to the meeting. In this way you will not waste time breaking the magic of the meeting.

If you are Argentine, you are probably already used to the matter, but if you are a foreigner, you will surely find it a bit confusing.

In Argentina there are 2 exchange rates, the official exchange rate and the “blue dollar”. The official dollar has a price intervened by the state, so it is much cheaper than the "blue dollar", but the problem is that nobody will want to operate at that price voluntarily.

The “blue dollar” is the price of the dollar that can be accessed in alternative markets. This is the quote that most people pay attention to.

When arranging with your escort, they will give you a fee of "in dollars or its equivalent in blue dollars". To find out what the equivalent would be, you can visit several pages that are available, being one of the best known DolarHoy.

The recommended brands of condoms in Argentina are Skyn and Prime. If you want more information we have an article about the best condoms in Argentina.

If you have never been with a woman and you are going to debut, let the escort you choose know and she will take care of guiding you.

Escorts that offer girlfriend-type service (GFE, Girlfriend Experience) are recommended and will allow you to be more relaxed during the meeting. A squirting or pornstar type of woman is probably best left for another time.

Some girls only serve clients of a certain age and over, for example over 30. This may be due to personal preferences or also because they have young relatives and they don't feel comfortable with someone their age.

In addition to this, follow the “tips for visiting an escort for the first time” and visit the article “First time with an escort” in our blog, where we discuss the topic in more depth.

For many this may seem obvious, but the fact that you are paying does not mean that you can neglect your hygiene.

Antes del encuentro báñese, recorte sus bellos púbicos y lávese los dientes.

Hygiene is key to having a good meeting. You will see many girls mention it in their service descriptions. If you want oral sex without, or that they do not avoid your mouth when trying to kiss the escort, this is key.

Cordiality and punctuality are characteristics that every woman appreciates, keep it in mind.

Es recomendable que lleve para pagar el gift en dólares, para evitar tener que estar contando pilas de billetes. También lleve sus propios preservativos. Todas las escorts tienen condoms y lubricante en su cartera, pero si usted lleva los propios puede elegir el que esté acostumbrado y sabrá que está en buenas condiciones.

Recuerde silenciar o poner en modo avión su teléfono para no tener distracciones inesperadas.

With these simple tips in mind, focus on having a good time.

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