Escorts that serve couples

Seeing an escort with your partner can raise a series of emotional and relational problems. First, it can erode mutual trust in the relationship, creating insecurities and doubts about shared commitments. Feelings of jealousy may also arise, further complicating the relationship dynamic. Additionally, significant differences can arise in the expectations of each member of the couple, which could lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

The experience can be emotionally intense and challenging, leading to feelings of shame, guilt, or regret. Participating in activities with an escort can also affect the self-esteem of both, making one feel inadequate or insufficient.

In the long term, this experience can change the dynamics of the relationship and affect the way you both perceive each other.

For this reason, not all escorts work with couples, but this list has those who DO. Are you ready to have a sexual threesome with your partner and one of these VIP escorts?

VIP escorts who serve couples in CABA, Buenos Aires



I'm Mia, a fiery vip escort, we can meet in hotels and homes. I hope you have 1 hour to meet me, you will not regret it.



I am Alejandra, a sweet, delicate and experienced woman. Escort and Vip level masseuse in Caballito and the rest of CABA.



I'm Sasha, a luxury escort, tender, discreet, sensual, and friendly. We can enjoy a threesome with a friend or your partner. Write to me!



 Puerto Madero
I am Analuz, a petite and hot escort. I am a poledance teacher and I know how to move to drive you crazy. Write me, I'm waiting for you!


Marcella Muriel

 Villa Luro
I am Marcella Muriel, Villa Luro escort. Professional dancer and masseuse, I love costumes and fulfilling each of your fantasies.

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