Marcella, escort en Villa Luro. Bailarina y Masajista profesional


Marcella Muriel

 Villa Luro
Age 20
Height 1.54 mts
Gift 200 U$D
Attention Full time

Your Geisha, your friend, your lover 🔥

I am a Salteñita with good genetics, only 20 real years old, with a slim, curvy and super natural body…

I am a professional dancer and masseuse and I give the best oral Dady 🫦

My service is conventional, without queue. I serve couples and trios.

We can go out together to enjoy dinners and events.

I can give you a girlfriend experience or we can fulfill your most secret fantasies, because I give black kisses, Singapore kisses, facesitting, submission and role reversal.

I sell porn content on pages like OnlyFans and, I have special lingerie, and many costumes.

I make meetings throughout the Federal Capital, at home or hotels.

Come meet me, I have a super tight and soft vagina, you're going to love it...