The art of “Dirty talk” or “talking dirty in bed” has always existed, but for many it can seem like unfamiliar territory, a little embarrassing or intimidating.
But we must not forget that words can be as powerful as gestures.

How to find the right words without feeling uncomfortable? How to express desire in a mischievous and exciting way?
The key is to enjoy without pressure and add a touch of fun to those intimate moments. If you're ready to discover how to raise the temperature of your conversations in bed, read on.

What is dirty talk?

“Dirty talk” is a way of speaking during sex in which words or phrases of a suggestive, sensual or explicit nature are used.

The main objective is to increase arousal, show your companion what really gives you pleasure and strengthen the connection with your partner.

Dirty talk can vary in intensity and style, and what is exciting for one person may not be exciting for another. Some people find that these verbal expressions add an exciting element to their sex life, while others may feel uncomfortable. Like everything in bed, the important thing is to calibrate depending on the response of your partner.

A well-known sexologist and writer, Justin J. Lehmiller, conducted a study for one of his books where he found that 91% of participants had fantasized about talking dirty in bed at least once, and that 49% fantasized about it often.

It also found that both sexes have sexual fantasies involving dirty talk, but women were especially prone to this type of fantasy.

Puta vip acariciando sus tetas mientras lo escucha hablar sucio en la cama

How dirty talk can help your sex life

What your ears perceive during sex is very important. Anyone who has had sex with their children in the next room knows this, but try watching a muted porn movie and you will see how clearly there is something missing.

Talking dirty will allow you to not only stimulate your ears, but also your mind.

According Medical Daily, talking dirty allows you to awaken the most daring parts of your mind, “The brain is considered the most powerful sexual organ, even more than the genitals, since it is where the sexual impulse originates. “Just the right amount of dirty talk will excite your mind during sexual encounters.”

A study from the “Journal of Social and Personal Relationships” suggests that people who communicate what they like in bed during sex are more sexually satisfied.
Dr. Jess O'Reilly, a sexologist working for Astroglide, mentions that dirty talk can make sex a more captivating and intense experience because it involves more regions of the brain.

Talking dirty is another way to excite yourself and the VIP escort with whom you share the bed in one of the motels in CABA. It can also help you discover what turns you on most sexually and is a great way to build sexual tension during the lead-up to the encounter.

Tips to Master the Art of Dirty Talk

Do it little by little

Take your time and allow the situation to escalate, do not forget to calibrate what you say and do to the response you see from the escort who accompanies you.
Empiece con frases sensuales, cuando ya estén ambos excitados puede ir probando con cosas más explícitas y vulgares.

The magic of whispers

Sometimes soft phrases can be more effective. A whisper in the ear, a cheeky compliment or a simple “I love it when you do that” can ignite the flame of passion.

Don't think about it too much

The things you say in bed should feel natural and flow with the moment. You don't need to be too creative, the important thing is that it feels good and gives pleasure to you and your sexual partner. When cold the things you say are going to seem stupid.


Dirty talk can get very bold quickly, so it's important to practice sexual aftercare, or a routine that helps your partner feel comfortable and safe after sex.
For those who like to talk dirty using degrading sexual games, sexual aftercare is essential.
If you are with one of the vip whores in Buenos Aires you probably don't need to practice aftercare because you are used to it, but if you are with your regular partner it is recommended.

Prostituta vip en cuatro esperando que le diga lo hermoso que se ve su culo haciendo dirty talk

Phrases for your dirty talk repertoire

So you can start practicing how to talk dirty with your premium escort favorite we leave you some examples to inspire you.

  • You are beautiful, I love seeing you naked.
  • Let me feel how wet you are
  • Spread my legs like a good little whore
  • I can't wait to be inside you
  • I can't wait to see those lips on my cock
  • I felt how hard you make me
  • Do you like it like that to the bottom?
  • I love your perfume
  • Let me feel the taste of your pussy
  • Get on all fours for my little whore
  • I want to fill you with cum
  • Look me in the eyes when I'm inside you
  • I love what you are doing
  • I could spend all day inside you
  • I love how you moan
  • Do you like it when I give it to you from behind, whore?
  • Touch your pussy while I give it to you

Throughout this article we explore what dirty talk is or talking dirty in bed, the benefits it can have for your sex life and we review several packaged example phrases so you can build your repertoire.

The only thing that remains is to practice and for that there is nothing better than doing it with one of the category escorts in Buenos Aires which you can find on this site.