Are you interested in learning how to give pleasure to your VIP escort or partner? In this article we will explore female erogenous zones. We will also see practical tips and techniques to stimulate them and have a luxurious experience in bed.

What are erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that are very sensitive due to the high concentration of nerve endings. These areas are found in both men and women with some slight differences. In this article we focus on women's erogenous zones.
Generally these areas are sexually pleasurable to contact and that is why they are perfect to stimulate them in order to excite your partner before sex.

The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek “Eros” which means love and “genous” which is “to produce”.

The list of erogenous zones is quite well known and common for all women, although sensitivity may vary from one to another. There are even women who may hate contact in certain areas, for example their feet. So as always, remember to observe how your partner responds and adjust her strategy accordingly.

The mind, the main sexual organ

The mind plays a crucial role and, in many ways, is the true main sexual organ. As we explore the connection between the brain and pleasure, a deeper understanding of how our thoughts and emotions influence our sexual experience emerges.

Oxford University Research using functional brain imaging (fMRI) have revealed unique patterns of brain activity during sexual activity.
The brain's ability to create fantasies and mental stimulation plays a key role in sexual life. Studies, such as the one published in the National Institute of Health in 2019, have shown that brain activation during sexual imagination can be comparable to the brain response during physical stimulation. This highlights the importance of the mind-body connection in human sexuality.

Surely you have also experienced first-hand how nerves with a woman, boredom or intrusive thoughts can ruin your sexual performance.

mapa de las zonas erógenas en una mujer

The best known female erogenous zones

Boca y labios

The lips and mouth are an obvious erogenous zone, they are capable of giving and receiving a lot of pleasure as a result of the large number of nerve endings they have. In addition to that, kissing generates signals in the brain that cause it to release the “hormones of happiness”, that is, oxytocin and serotonin. This quickly generates sexual arousal.

Neck and back of the neck

The neck is a key area that should not be forgotten. The nape of the neck is the most sensitive part of the neck.

You can use your fingers to gently caress her while you kiss your escort, or hold her head by her neck.

Also during sex you can apply a little pressure on the neck, squeezing it gently with both hands. This movement has BDSM overtones, be careful not to overdo it and pay close attention to how your partner responds.

Breasts and nipples

All parts of the breasts are usually quite sensitive, the most sensitive part of all are the nipples.
A study from Rutgers University found that nipple stimulation activates the same areas of the brain as clitoral stimulation. Many women even mention that they can have orgasms just by stimulating the nipples.
The nipples are usually very sensitive so you should be gentle with them until the woman is really sexually aroused.
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The inside of the thighs

Caressing the inside of your thighs is a great move to escalate the situation sexually. It could be while they are kissing while sitting, or in the car while they are heading to one of the motels in Capital Federal.

Also to build anticipation, it is an excellent erogenous zone to play with prior to cunnilingus.

The buttocks

Esta zona no es tan sensible como las demás, pero jugar con ella da placer a ambas partes al mismo tiempo. Caricias, mordidas suaves, nalgadas o apretones son algunas de todas las cosas que puede hacer con su big ass escort.

Prostituta vip con lencería negra en un sillón

Mons pubis

The “mons of Venus” or “pubic mons” is the area just above the clitoris. This sector has many of its own nerve endings but is also directly connected to the vaginal lips and the clitoris. This is why stimulating the pubic mountain indirectly stimulates these areas.

Vaginal lips

These are an area that is not given as much attention as it should be. A sensual caress with the tips of your fingers, gentle circular movements or kisses and sucks can make your child wet. escort in Capital Federal.

The clitoris

The erogenous zone par excellence in women. It is important to know that the clitoris is not just the tip that sticks out but is an organ that extends internally over the vaginal canal and even to its sides.

The clitoris would be the finishing touch, do not try to stimulate it before making sure that the VIP escort accompanying you is really excited and ready for sex. Many women, even really excited and wet, feel that direct clitoral stimulation is too intense and they cannot stand it.

For this reason, it is advisable to stimulate it indirectly, by gently making circles with your fingers around it. See how your partner reacts and if they are enjoying it then increase the intensity.

The G-spot

This point, so famous and, according to many, the generator of the best orgasms in women, is nothing more than the continuation of the clitoris above the vaginal canal.

Like the clitoris, don't try to stimulate this spot until the woman is really aroused and wet.

To find the G Spot, look for a rougher area above the vaginal canal with your index or middle fingers. To stimulate it, make a “come here” movement with your fingers, or do a little pressure and circular movements.
Another way is to do “Peter Parker's” that is, Spider-Man, because of the movement he makes when shooting the web. With Peter Parker's you can stimulate the clitoris with the palm of your hand at the same time.

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puta vip jugando con su pelo mientras espera que jueguen con sus zonas erogenas


The erogenous zones in women are already known and do not change much from one to another. This is why knowing the location of these areas and how to stimulate them will provide you with all the information she needs to excite her favorite luxury companion.

Once you discover your partner's most sensitive areas, you can incorporate them into your foreplay. Don't be afraid to try new things, whether that's adding new zones to the mix or using different stimulation techniques.

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