There's a reason why people choose to have sex in bed, it's soft, warm and comfortable. The bad thing is that it can quickly get boring, so trying something different is advisable to break the routine.

Some couples enjoy having sex in the car or sex in public places, but if you're not so adventurous you can still try other places in the house.

The couch is the most common place where you have sex with the bed out. According to a study from Skyn condoms, 78% of people frequently have sex on the living room couch.

But being one of the most frequent places to have sex, you've probably already tried all the common sexual positions.

In this article we will see 10 innovative positions to have sex on the couch with your partner. escort at home .

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Why vary where you have sex?

Routine can be the biggest enemy of passion in a couple's sexual life. As time progresses, it is natural that intimacy can become predictable and monotonous if not given proper attention. That's why changing where you have sex can be an effective strategy to fuel the fire and keep the spark alive with her sexual companion.

Variety in location not only breaks up the monotony, but also introduces an element of surprise and novelty that can be incredibly exciting.

Additionally, each location has its own distinctive energy and atmosphere, which can significantly influence the sexual experience. From the comfort of sex on the couch to the passion of sex in the hot tub, each environment offers unique opportunities to experiment and discover new forms of pleasure.

una escort teniendo sexo en el sofá practicando varias poses sexuales

Tips for having sex on the couch

Use blankets to protect the sofa

Sex is dirty, and the dirtier the more fun. The memories of a passionate night are very good to remain in her memory, but not so much on the couch.
Stains from semen, discharge or sexual lubricant could be difficult to remove from the couch, which is why it is advisable to use a blanket that you can easily put in the washing machine.

Use of cushions

You can use pillows, cushions or blankets to make the chair even more comfortable and adapt it to different positions.
Putting a pillow under the hips of your escort in Recoleta can adjust the height of the vaginal opening, making penetration more comfortable. In addition to that, it can also modify the angle of penetration and which vaginal area is most stimulated.

Don't forget the backrests

The backrests of the chair are not usually as soft, but they are higher so you can use them to achieve several new positions. You can sit your escort on the backrest and penetrate her face to face, or do a much more comfortable cunnilingus.

Puta vip semi desnuda en el sofá esperando para practicar distintas posiciones sexuales

10 innovative positions to have sex on the couch

Tug of war

posición sexual en el sillón

The man sits on the couch and leans back. The vip escort sits on him looking at him. She should bend her knees and rest her feet on the couch. The man and woman must hold each other by the elbows and balance.

Deep Throat

posición sexual en el sillón

With this position you can achieve the deepest oral penetration possible. The VIP whore must lie down on the sofa resting her feet on the edge.
The man must kneel in such a way that the woman is between his legs.
With this pose the man can see his penis entering and leaving the woman's mouth, which is very exciting and a fantasy for many.


posición sexual en el sillón

The man must sit on the couch with one leg on it and the other resting on the floor. He should lean back a little and use one of his arms to stabilize himself.
The vip prostitute sits with her buttocks between the man's legs, bends her legs a little knees and crosses his legs. She should also lean back and lean on his elbows.

The Bermuda Triangle

posición sexual en el sillón

With this position your face will disappear between the legs of your luxury escort. This is a challenging position but it gives variety to the classic 69.
The man must lie down on the couch with his legs open. The escort must stand on the couch with her legs open, placing her vagina in the man's face. She must also bend so that his mouth can give the man a blowjob and use his hands to stabilize himself and play with the penis and testicles.


posición sexual en el sillón

The woman kneels in front of the chair and leans her body on it, leaning on her elbows, at the same time she must raise her other leg a little.
The man must kneel between the legs of his companion and grab her by her leg to penetrate her.

Stream in the mountain

posición sexual en el sillón

The premium escort lies on her belly on the edge of the sofa, resting her elbows on the floor in front of her head. The man stands above the woman with his legs spread and knees slightly bent. With her hands the man must take her companion by her legs and bend them so that they are above her thighs.


posición sexual en el sillón

This is a position that allows the man to penetrate his favorite escort very deeply.
The woman must lie down on the couch, bend her legs and hug them tightly. The man rests one knee on the sofa and rests his other leg on the floor, while he holds the woman tightly by her waist.

Cunnilingus at height

posición sexual en el sillón

In the tips for having sex on the couch, we had mentioned not forgetting the backrests, this position makes use of this.
The escort must lean on the backrest and open her legs wide. The man just has to sit back and enjoy the juicy vagina of his luxury companion.


posición sexual en el sillón

In this position the armrest is used, the woman lies on it and spreads her buttocks with her hands. While the man takes her by the waist and can penetrate her deeply.


posición sexual en el sillón

This position facilitates the woman's orgasm. The vip escort in Palermo must lie down on the couch resting her tail on the armrest and with her legs together upward similar to the “legs on shoulder” pose. The man just has to stand next to the chair and penetrate the woman comfortably.


pareja experimentando diferentes posiciones sexuales en el sillón

Now you know 10 innovative positions to have sex on the couch the next time you invite a whore at home.