When trying to hiring a VIP escort for the first time, one comes across multiple words that one does not know what they mean. GFE, HEF, multiple participation. In this escort dictionary we explain these and many other words so that you can fully understand the characteristics of the girls' service.

BBW: Acronym for an expression in English to refer to women who are heavier than normal and who are still attractive. BBW stands for "Big Beautiful Woman."

BDSM: It is an acronym originating in the English language that means “Body Domination and Sadomasochism”. In everyday speech it is called "sado" or "sadomasochism", but it is not entirely correct because BDSM includes several practices not related to pain.

GFE: Acronym for "Girlfriend Experience", also known as "girlfriend type" service, is an encounter with more kisses, caresses and a more intimate experience. Similar to what one would have when meeting a girlfriend or lover.

Gift: The "little gift" or the escort fee.

HEF: It means "Until the end" and is the practice of oral sex until the man ends up in the mouth of the escort.

Role Play: It is when a fantasy scene is made such as a doctor and her patient, sex with her stepsister and the like .

MILF: Acronym in English for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”. This is the name given to women around the age of 40 who are attractive and sexually desirable. Whether or not they are actually mothers.

If you are interested in knowing more about MILFs, the origin of the word and the benefits of MILF escorts we recommend that you read our article What is a MILF?

Oral con/sin: It refers to the use of condoms during oral sex.

Participation: This is the number of times the man can cum during the meeting. Some escorts make a single participation, while others make "free participation" that is, there is no limit.

PSE: “Pornstar Experience”, would be the complete opposite of GFE. Not a night with his lover but with a real whore. It can include anal sex, toys etc.

Convencional: It refers to the service of escorts who only practice oral and vaginal sex.

Completo: It is that service that includes oral, vaginal and anal sex.

Servicio tipo novia / onda novia: Refers to the same as GFE.

Telo: Word of the Argentine lunfardo with which hotels, accommodations or transitory hostels are known.

We hope you have found the word you were looking for, we will periodically update this escort dictionary.

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