Finally you decided and you are going to hire a VIP escort for the first time.
What should you know? How to meet the Escort? How to prepare for the meeting?
In this guide we will see all these details so that you have a luxurious experience.

  1. Choose the Escort

    There are many escorts vip offering their services, but not all of them will give you specifically what you are looking for. That is why finding the escort that meets your expectations both physically and in her service is very important.

    Sexually there are many niches, fetishes and different tastes and some escorts specialize in them, so your experience will be much more pleasant by choosing them.
    Some words are used in the environment that you may not know what they mean. If that is the case you can visit our Escort Dictionary.

    If you are planning have a threesome with an escort, não escolha duas garotas diferentes, é conveniente que você entre em contato com uma delas e descubra com qual amiga ela costuma trabalhar.
    You can also study some threesome sex positions with escorts to get the most out of the experience.

    In it has several filters that will allow you to simplify the search process. These filters are based on the gift of the companion, her neighborhood and services provided. It also has a word search which is much more flexible.

  2. Define where to meet the companion

    Encontrarse con una escort -

    Related to choosing the right escort, and essential when hiring an escort, is the issue of where to meet her.
    There are a variety of places to meet an escort, let's see the most common:

    Home: Some girls go to the client's home. The downside of this being at home is that it compromises your privacy. If that doesn't bother you then no problem.

    Escort department: Many girls have their own apartment where they work.
    The Escort's main location is usually where she has her apartment. For example an escort in Palermo, will have his apartment in that neighborhood.
    Many buildings have security at the gate and depending on your personal situation you may be annoyed at having to leave your personal details to enter. Surely you should take care of annoying noises so that the neighbors do not cause problems for the escort.

    Temporary rent: if the escort goes to homes, you can take it to the Airbnb or similar that you are renting. Keep in mind that most landlords forbid it and you could have problems with the security of the building or the neighbors.

    Hotels: Many hotels have normalized access for VIP escorts and they won't make you a problem. When hiring an escort, ask them, they know which hotels they can go to easily and which ones are more complicated.

    Love hotels: This is a very comfortable, safe and private option. You do not have to worry about annoying noises or stained sheets and you can also enjoy the setting, hydromassage, etc.
    If you are considering this option, you will surely find this note about Going to a love hotel with an escort or our Guide to Love Hotels in Buenos Aires.

  3. Contact the Escort and agree on the details of the service

    Once decided what Vip Escorts they are the ones you like the most, you should contact them to obtain the details of the service, clear up any doubts you may have and confirm availability.

    The majority of the escorts only receive text messages via Whatsapp or Telegram. When hiring an escort, do not make phone calls or send audio messages.

    It is convenient to have a photo of your face in the Whatsapp profile. If you do not have one, many escorts will not answer you or will ask you to send them a selfie. They do this for security reasons.

    Escorts have a life, or sometimes they are working so they may not reply to you instantly. If you see that they do not answer you in a couple of hours, you can try messaging them again.
    The escorts are very careful with the privacy of their clients. That is why they prefer not to send compromising messages at any time and will only speak to you when you do.

    Las chicas tienen una agenda, por lo que si las llama a ultimo momento puede que no tengan disponibilidad. Tenga eso en cuenta a la hora de coordinar el encuentro al contratar una escort.

    In communication, be cordial, brief and show interest in setting up the meeting quickly. Be honest and direct regarding what you are looking for, if the escort does not offer a particular service, do not go for it.

  4. Prepare for the meeting

    Prepararse para encuentro con escort -

    This will seem obvious, but just because you're paying doesn't mean you can neglect your hygiene. Escorts have excellent personal hygiene and will demand the same from their clients.

    Before the match shower, trim your pubic hair and brush your teeth. If you want oral sex without, or that they do not avoid your mouth when trying to kiss the escort, this is key.
    Dress well, wear perfume, get ready. If it looks good, you'll feel good and more confident, ensuring that both you and your passenger have a great experience.

    Es recomendable que lleve para pagar el gift en dólares para evitar tener que estar contando pilas de billetes. Lleve el importe justo al contratar una escort vip en recoleta.
    All the escorts have condoms and lube in your bag. But if you bring your own you can choose the one you are used to and you will know that it is in good condition.

  5. Enjoy the meeting

    Disfrute encuentro con escort -

    Moments before meeting your escort, it is normal for you to feel a little nervous. He is the adrenaline rush of meeting someone new and part of what will make him hire an escort again.
    Take a deep breath and try to relax. Give space for your companion to also relax and get used to the place you are visiting.
    You can see our article on Avoid nerves with an escort if this topic has you worried.

    Before the meeting, remember to mute or put your phone on airplane mode so you don't have unexpected distractions.

    If it is your first time with an escort, do not hesitate to tell them, they are used to it and surely they can guide you.

    It is normal when hiring an escort for her to collect her gift upon arrival, especially if it is the first time you see her. In the following meetings, if you want, you can leave the gift in an envelope or in plain sight.

    The escorts are excellent conversationalists, so they will surely talk to you. Treat it like you would treat any other date. But be careful not to ask questions about his personal life, past, or his true identity.
    If you don't know what to talk about, you can read Five things you should not say to an escort, there we tell you what topics not to touch and we suggest some topics to talk about.

    Keeping these simple tips in mind, focus on enjoying the encounter with one of our Vip Escorts in CABA, Buenos Aires.