Maybe to break the ice or during halftime, start thinking about what to talk about with the escort. To begin with, it's good to follow the classic advice not to talk about religion and politics, but you shouldn't get too personal about the topics you touch on either. Although some girls might not be upset, here are five things you shouldn't say to an escort.

Have you ever thought about getting a normal job?

Sexual services are also a “normal” job, many call prostitution the oldest profession in the world. There are Sumerian records from 2400 BC that mention prostitution as an occupation, describing a temple brothel operated by Sumerian priests in the city of Uruk.

Returning to our times. There are many reasons why they choose this profession, beyond the pay that is very good, being an escort allows them to manage what days and hours they work. Added to this, many of the escorts really enjoy sexual contact with their clients.

Asking this question sounds like they are making a bad decision, that nobody is the one to judge.

Do you really enjoy working as an escort?

This question is related to what we saw in the previous one, it sounds like they shouldn't be enjoying their work. Likewise, if they don't enjoy it, it's likely that they won't be telling their customers. This is why this is something you shouldn't say to a escort in Palermo.

Does your family know you do this?

They may know or they may not. It's really none of your business and it's a very personal question.
It is best to avoid any questions that may compromise the escort's anonymity, such as her real name, details of her family, personal history, etc.

Did you have a busy day?

This could be a well-intentioned question trying to get casual conversation going. But the problem is that many use it to find out if the escort has served other clients previously. To avoid misunderstandings, better think of a different question.

Would you like to go for a drink afterwards?

At first it may seem weird to have sex with someone and walk away, but that's the deal. This is something you shouldn't say to an escort, because they don't want it to get personal or for clients to lose sight of where the lines are. If the escort notices that she is getting confused, she may seek to create distance, and in some cases she may even choose not to see him anymore.

Que no decirle a una escort -

So what to talk about with an escort?

The best thing is to ask him how she is, and talk about unimportant topics like the weather, traffic or a new movie.
If you tell her how your day was, the escort will be more comfortable because she will be able to interact with you without feeling the pressure to see how to avoid giving details about her.

That said, if you see a particular escort very often, it is normal for a bond to form and have more personal conversations.

Many escorts tend to tell stories about other clients, which could break the fantasy a bit, especially if you go with a girl who offers GFE. If the escort brings up a topic that does not make you feel comfortable, let her know.

Now you know what are the five things that you should not say to an escort. Choose one of our Vip Escorts in CABA, Buenos Aires and have a luxury experience.