In this article we will see everything you need to know to go to a love hotel with an escort and have a luxurious experience with the privacy and security of a hotel accommodation.

Remember to visit our Guide to love hotels in Buenos Aires where you can see those that are available by neighborhood and find alternatives in the event that it was not and there were rooms available.

Why go to a love hotel?

The main advantages of going to a telo are that both you and your companion can keep your real identity secret as it is not necessary to register to enter.

On the other hand, some hotels offer themed rooms or with special features, such as jacuzzis, mirrors on the ceiling, ambient lighting, among others.

But above all things, for the freedom of knowing that in a telo you don't have to worry about annoying noises, stained sheets or owners of lodgings that do not allow visitors.

There are many escorts with their own department where they work. Even if you end up saving the cost of the telo shift, the problem is that you will not have acclimated rooms, you must surely be careful of annoying noises and on some occasions to avoid the doorman of the building.

Ir a un albergue transitorio con una escort -

Meet the escort to enter the telo

There are basically 3 ways you can arrange to get into the love hotel.

  • Meet near the hotel: Only suitable for punctual people, especially in winter. Once they are found, they enter together, the problem is that if there are no rooms available, they will have to wait or move to another nearby telo.
  • Meet at the hotel reception: Similar to the previous method, but you can now find out if there is availability of rooms and, if not, directly find yourself in another nearby hotel. The bad thing is that you have chances to cross paths with other people at the reception.
  • Enter the room and wait for the escort: This is the recommended method although it requires you to arrive a while before the meeting. As an advantage, if there is no room, you can re-calculate and find yourself in another place. Added to that, you can take a shower and settle in to receive your companion in excellent condition and without wasting time.

Now you know all the details of how to go to a hotel with an escort. You only have to choose where to go with our Guide to love hotels in CABA and pick your next vip escort.