Hanna, voluptuosa escort vip rubia de ojos celestes y tetas enormes


Hanna Baires

 Puerto Madero
Age 40
Height 5' 43"
Measures 39.5 - 23.6 - 38.6
Gift 200 U$D
Attention Full time

Well tanned blonde with light blue eyes 🔥


I am Hanna, Vip Escort in Puerto Madero, available for meetings as well.

I prefer that you write to me on WhatsApp and we talk on the phone, it seems more personal to me.

I tell you that my service is absolutely complete, whether it lasts one hour or an hour and a half.

My service is differentiated, with adequate and quality corsetry, I have impeccable aesthetics, I like discretion, in our meeting I fully dedicate myself to pleasure since it is my real sexual world.

My service is for demanding men with a business profile.

I manage a cost of 1 hour USD 200 or its equivalent in pesos to the blue dollar of the day.

If you are looking for something different we can meet, my attention is complete in every way, I give kisses at a high level.🫦

I also do trips, contact me in advance ✈️

Have a nice day !