The Singapore Kiss, also known as Kabbazah or Pompoir, is an ancient oriental sexual technique that originates in Tantra. This sexual technique means that during penetration the penis is exclusively stimulated by the movements of the pelvic floor muscles that change the shape of the vagina.
El objetivo del Pompoir es simular la sensación de succión del sexo oral durante la penetración.

This technique is very difficult, but not impossible. Medical studies have been carried out in which it has been possible to verify that Thanks to training the pelvic floor muscles, women can change the distribution of pressure in the vaginal canal. This is what makes the “Singapore kiss” possible.

Nowadays the Kegel exercises are known, which work the pelvic floor muscles in both men and women, giving great results regarding health and sexual power.
But these exercises are very basic to master the art of Pompoir.

Prostitutas sagradas, según dicen las creadoras del arte del Pompoir

Origin of the Singapore kiss

In ancient times, they say 3000 years ago, the Kabbazah technique was invented by the Devadasis, who were dancers and prostitutes sacred to southern India and they had wooden penises to practice their movements.

There is even a surprising story, in ancient Greece where the Hetairas, luxury prostitutes, “could splitting clay penises using only the muscles of your vagina” according to Catherine Blackledge says in one of her books.

In China the Shililong, famous prostitutes, had a practice called Vadaka that the Kama Sutra says they used to control the movements of your vagina.

Pompoir or Singapore kiss technique

The first thing that is necessary is for the woman to have control of the muscles of her pelvic floor for which you must perform Kegel exercises. But then the art part comes into play, when these muscles become stronger and with a lot of practice more complex movements such as squeezing, pulsing or sucking can be achieved.

To do the Singapore kiss, the man must lie down with the escort on top in a cowgirl position. Both must remain still while the escort stimulates the penis by contracting and relaxing her vaginal muscles.
The woman must manage the rhythm of the contractions until the man reaches climax.

It sounds quite complicated and not that fun, but throughout history there are many cases of men who lost their minds thanks to women using this technique.

One of these famous cases is that of King Edward VIII of England, who renounced the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, a prostitute who had learned the technique in the brothels of Shanghai.

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