Anal sex with escorts was once a taboo topic, but in recent years it has been gaining more and more popularity. This is presented as a increasingly sought-after alternative in erotic play and according to several studies, approximately 40% of heterosexual people have practiced it on at least one occasion.

Next we will see the basic knowledge to be able to have anal sex with escorts.

What is anal sex?

Basically anal sex is any sexual activity that involves the anus. Although it is mostly seen as penetrating the anus with an erect penis for pleasure.

But anal sex involves many other sexual practices, such as:

  • Fingering
  • Use of sex toys
  • Oral sex with the anus. (analingus or rimming)
  • Pegging

Many of these practices are called “anal play” to differentiate them from self-penetration, which would be “anal sex.”
If you don't know what any of these words mean, we invite you to read our dictionary of sexual terms.

According to Bedbible Research Center statistical studies, anal sex is primarily growing in popularity among heterosexual couples under the age of 45. Proof of this is that the search for anal sex videos increased by 120% from 2009 to 2015.
Also in the surveys carried out they found that 37% of women and 43% of men had had anal sex with a partner of the opposite sex.

The escorts in Buenos Aires see how anal sex is one of the services they request the most.

Care in anal sex with escorts

Anal sex has some extra risks that are not present in vaginal or oral sex. This is because the anal and rectal areas are prone to cracks and wounds during anal sex. These wounds can facilitate the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to that, there is a greater risk of bacterial infection and “cross-contamination,” that is, passing bacteria from the anus to the vagina or mouth of the participants.

That is why it is very important to use a condom at all times and to be careful with what you do with your fingers or penis once they have had contact with the anus.

Preparation for anal sex

Being the active part, you don't have to worry much about preparing for anal sex, although there are some points to keep in mind to have a great experience:

Trim and file your nails

This will reduce the chances of scratching or injuring the anus or rectum. It will also reduce the possibility of spreading bacteria from the anus to other areas. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water before and after having anal sex.

Use lube

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce any lubricating fluid. This makes the anal area easier to get hurt. For a more pleasant experience it is important that you use plenty of lubrication. Remember that oil-based lubricants could break the condom, especially during anal sex.

Anal play with escorts

Before anal penetration, a good prior anal play is recommended. This will allow the anal sphincter to relax and be ready for penetration. For this you can use your fingers or sex toys.
Once the escort is ready to be penetrated anally, do it slowly and carefully. Slowly get into the rhythm until you can penetrate her completely.

Escort lista para tener sexo anal en la cama mostrando su cola en lencería negra

Anal sex with escorts

If you are interested in having anal sex with an escort, the first thing you should know is that not all of them offer it in their services. Those escorts who offer anal sex are those who have “full service”, the girls who do not offer it say they have “conventional service”.

We did not see it in this article, but the owner of the anus to be penetrated has to make several preparations that will allow the experience to be pleasant and that there are no unpleasant surprises. For example, she should not eat before the meeting, she should have an enema to clean the area, etc.
This is why it is normal for escorts to charge an additional fee for the anal sex service. Always ask the escort if she offers anal sex and let her know if you are thinking about using the service.

Now you have the necessary knowledge to be able to hire a full service escort in CABA. What are you waiting for to arrange your next meeting?