After having a threesome with escorts, the first thing that everyone thinks is how to have a threesome without changing a condom. It is very bad to have to keep changing the condom to penetrate one or the other woman. Definitely, this can lead to distracting the participants and cut the fluidity, but there would seem to be no solution to the problem.

In pornographic films, the actors undergo periodic check-ups to see if they have any STDs (sexually transmitted disease), but most likely this technique will not work for organize a threesome with escorts.

However, there is an alternative, it may not be the best in the world and it has its complications, but it is valid. The alternative is the use of the female condom.

Once both escorts put on the female condom, the man can penetrate them without having to change the condom.

At first the idea might sound good, but it has its complications. To begin with, it is not so easy to get female condoms, not even the escorts are used to using it and just as it makes it easier to insert whoever is penetrated, it is also annoying for other acts, such as oral sex.

To understand the reason for all this, let's take a closer look at what the female condom is.

Preservativo vaginal en las manos de una escort

What is the female preservative?

The female condom, also known as a vaginal condom, is a barrier protection method, but instead of being used on the penis, it is used by inserting it into the vagina.

According to a UNFPA study, 96% of the women who used it say they would recommend it, although only 80% say they would use it again.

If you've never seen one before, you'll see that it's quite a bit bigger than a normal condom, and that it has two firmer rings, one that will stick out of the vagina and the other that you have to squeeze to get in and hold it in place.

It is best to watch a video to understand its use, or you can also read the step by step instructions on how to insert a vaginal condom.


Remember at the beginning of the article I told you that the vaginal condom could help you avoid changing the condom during a threesome, but what was going to bother other things?

The following illustration shows how it would be placed.

Indicaciones de como queda colocado el preservativo femenino o vaginal

As you can see, it's horrible... The fact that the condom sticks out covers the visual, which is a very important component in any encounter and is also annoying for oral sex.

You're probably thinking now that changing condoms isn't such a bad thing after all… I'm sorry I don't have a better solution to having threesomes without changing condoms, but at least now you know more about the female condom.

Forget about this problem, accept it as it is and arrange a threesome with one or two VIP escorts in CABA.