Sex does not always go smoothly. It is normal, and there are several sexual mistakes that are often repeated.

Making mistakes is allowed, but the important thing is to learn from them and strive to correct them. It would be ideal to think that ignoring our problems will make them go away, but that is not the reality.

Recently, a survey revealing the most common mistakes people make during sex has been conducted. Let's see what are the most common sexual mistakes according to the respondents and what we can do to avoid them.

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Women's sexual mistakes

This is the list of the most common mistakes women make when it comes to sex. Surely they are not things that you are going to suffer if you visit first level escorts in CABA, but we believe that it is It is interesting to include them so that you can see that all men suffer similar problems with their women and lovers.

  • Do not initiate sex
  • Always wants sex in the dark
  • Fake an orgasm
  • Talk too much
  • Never ask for anything new
  • Mention what a previous lover did in bed
  • Thinking too much about sex
  • Being too shy
  • Believing that you are always ready for sex
  • Worrying too much about their appearance

Men's sexual mistakes

Now, let's see what are the most common mistakes men make in bed and what can be done to solve them. Clearly if she is having sex with a vip whore in Puerto Madero , she is going to let them pass . But being a good lover who does not make these mistakes will not only improve sex with their regular partners, but will also help the escort enjoy the encounter. If your luxury companion spends a good time with you, your meetings will be much more fiery and satisfying for both parties, that will help you have the benefits of being a regular client of an escort.

Skipping foreplay

Sexual foreplay is key, it serves to stimulate physical and mental arousal, preparing the body for sexual activity. This phase includes caressing, kissing, and other forms of stimulation, especially in the erogenous points of womenwhich contribute to a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience.

Having an orgasm first

Women usually take longer to reach orgasm and only 18% of them do it through penetration alone. That is why a good foreplay and some oral sex to ensure the escort's pleasure will help you to solve this point. You may also find this guide from how to last longer in bed.

Being clumsy

There's not much to say about it, some women like rough sex more than others. But never forget to make sure the woman is really turned on and wet before you do or say the roughest things in your sexual repertoire.

Dirty talk in a rude manner

Related to the previous point, make sure the woman is really turned on, the reception of what she says and does varies completely. If you would like to learn more, we have a special article on Dirty Talk and how to talk dirty in bed.

Lack of communication/intimacy after sex

The absolute advantage of meeting escorts is that they will not bother you about it. As for your wife or lovers, try to hug her, give her a few kisses and share a few minutes of relaxation together after sex.

Falling asleep at the end

The same as the previous point... Besides, with an escort you should not fall asleep, it will be one of the most expensive naps of your life.

Commenting on the shape of the woman's body.

This one is easy to solve, if you have something to comment, let it be a compliment, otherwise... don't say it.

Assume you know what she wants

No one knows what they want, not even them. Bet on communication and see how they respond to your words and actions.

Following a plan while ignoring body language

Always pay attention to how the woman responds to what you say and do and adapt accordingly.

Keeping it completely physical with no emotional connection

Another point where escorts take advantage, keeping it physical is just what they are looking for.

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Although escorts are going to be much more tolerant of sexual mistakes you may make in bed, becoming a good lover can give you many benefits.

Learn from your mistakes and celebrate by enjoying all the benefits of the beautiful vips whores in Buenos Aires.