Sexual lubricants can help you have a great experience in bed.
The number of options can be dizzying, and depending on what you are planning to use, one lubricant may be better than another.
In this article we will see everything about sexual lubricants, we are going to disprove some misconceptions and give you useful information so that you have a luxurious experience with some of the category escorts in Buenos Aires.

What are sexual lubricants?

Sexual lubricant is a gel or liquid that reduces friction during sex or masturbation.
There are different types of personal lubricants depending on the main ingredient and each of them has its own characteristics and benefits.

Some gels are more appropriate for vaginal sex and others for anal sex, some gels can increase sensitivity and others reduce it.

These gels are usually very safe and have no risks or side effects unless you have an allergy to its components.

This is why it is important to know the different types of intimate gels and thus know which one best applies to the use you want to give it.

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Benefits of using sexual lubrication

Using sexual lubricant can provide several benefits to enhance the sexual experience. Below is a list of some of those benefits:

  • Reduced Friction: Lubricant reduces friction during sexual activity, which can make the experience more comfortable and pleasurable. For some people, vaginal dryness is a recurring problem, whether due to age, hormonal changes, or medications. Lubricant can be of great help in these situations.
  • Improves sensitivity: By reducing friction, lubricant can allow for greater sensitivity during sex, which can increase pleasure.
    A study published by The journal of sexual medicine found that 70% of people mentioned that sex using sexual lubrication was more comfortable and pleasurable. In addition to that, it reduces vaginal/anal injuries, which also reduces the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Makes anal sex easier: Lubricant is essential for anal sex, since the anus does not produce natural lubrication. Helps prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improves the condom experience: Using lubricant can make the condom experience more pleasurable by reducing friction and improving sensation. It also reduces the chances of it breaking during sex.
  • Sex for longer: It can help prolong sexual activity by reducing the irritation and discomfort it causes in the genitals.

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How to use a sexual lubricant?

Using an intimate gel is quite simple, you can apply it as much as you want, wherever you want. Although it is advisable not to apply them directly to the genitals.

You should put a little in your hand, warm it with your fingers and then apply it by caressing the genitals of the independent escort accompanying you.

For sex or anal play with your escort culona, you should use a greater amount of lubricant, because unlike the penis and vagina, the anus does not produce lubrication natural.

When using condoms you can use lubrication on the penis, this improves sensitivity.
Remember that not all lubricants can be used with condoms, latex condoms can be damaged if you use oil-based lubricants.

Types of sexual lubricant

Within sexual lubricants, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that you know what is available on the market to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Natural Lubricants

If you have a sensitivity or allergy to certain products, these lubricants may be right for you. The most popular are aloe vera or coconut oil. As mentioned above, be careful with oil-based lubricants and condoms.

Water-based lubricants

These are the most popular option because they are easy to find and gentle on sensitive skin. They do not have glycerin so your skin will not be irritated and they can be used with condoms without problems.

The problem they have is that they tend to dry quickly and taste bitter, so they are not the best for oral sex.

Oil-based lubricants

There are those based on natural oils, such as coconut oil, or synthetic ones such as Vaseline. They tend to last longer and be used for massages.
The big problem is that they can damage latex condoms, which is why they are not recommended for use with condoms unless they are made of polyisoprene, like Skyn condoms. Another disadvantage is that they could cause vaginal infections if you do not wash correctly after sexual encounter.

Silicone-based lubricants

These are the best option if you want the longest lasting lubricating effect. They can be used with latex condoms and are not even washed off as easily so they can be useful to have sex in the hot tub with his favorite VIP prostitute.
As a disadvantage, what makes it durable underwater also makes it difficult to wash and it is not recommended to be used with sex toys because it will leave them sticky over time.

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Sexual lubricants with hot and cold effect

Some intimate gels offer a hot or cold effect, their use depends on your personal taste and if you are wanting to try new things with the vip whores in Buenos Aires.