Eva Mendes, sensual puta vip brasilera en CABA sentada en el jacuzzi


Eva Mendes

Height1.6 mts
Gift150 U$D
AttentionEvery day from 10 a.m. to midnight

A sexy Brazilian visiting Buenos Aires


I am Eva, a mischievous and fiery brunette, I like to get involved in bed, I have sex as if I already had intimacy so that you feel comfortable as if you already knew me.

My service is slow, I start by kissing you everywhere, I go down until I reach your cock where I will give you a long, wet, soft and delicious oral session until you get very excited, and ask in my ear to fuck me because you can't take it anymore from so much lust .

After sex I give a delicious relaxing massage, I like my client to leave relaxed and satisfied.

I work with my own home, a discreet and comfortable location.

Service in hotels and homes with value to be agreed.

My gift is 150 USD per hour or 900 USD all night or its equivalent in pesos to the blue dollar.

Schedule your appointment, I'm waiting for you! 💋

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