Having your first time with an escort used to be a fairly common practice a few decades ago when many parents took their children to make their sexual debut in a kind of rite of passage to adulthood. Nowadays, for legal reasons, losing your virginity like this is not so common.

In this article, we will see the average age of sexual debut in Argentina, what problems losing your virginity late can cause and why hire a category escort to make your sexual debut can be a great idea. To close, we will see some tips so that your first time with an escort is a luxurious experience.

Age of sexual debut in Argentina

According to the latest official data, which is the “National Survey on Sexual and Reproductive Health” of 2013 carried out by INDEC. The average age of first sexual intercourse in women is 17.3 years; while for men it is 16.

Slightly newer data, although not so much, from the Fundación Huésped tells us that age The average time in which Argentines lose their virginity is 15 years, which marks a slight downward trend, but remains close to the world average.

Beyond the early age of sexual debut, there are a large number of men even in their 30s and 40s who have not had their first time for various reasons.

Roxanne Price, prostituta vip especialista en hacer debutar hombres

Problems of losing virginity late

Roxanne Price , a well-known VIP prostitute who made it her personal crusade to debut as many men as possible through an AMA on Reddit in 2016, says that losing your virginity late causes a lot of problems for men.

She could see how bad masturbatory habits in men had a negative impact on their sexuality. Many of these virgin adults suffered from “death grip syndrome.” Which is basically that to masturbate they squeeze their penis so hard and manipulate it with such intensity that real sexual contact with a woman feels strange and they can't finish.

On the other hand, more academic by the way, a study from the American Journal of Public Health in 2008 identified that late sexual initiation was associated with later sexual problems. This is because it prevents the correct development of emotional, cognitive and interpersonal capacities, key elements for a satisfactory sexual life and general well-being.

Many of these virgin adults, after their sexual debut, feel that they have to make up for lost time, which leads them to compulsive sexual behaviors.

Make your sexual debut with an escort

The sexual debut is usually an experience that generates quite a lot of nervousness, full of misunderstandings and doubts. This is enhanced the longer the moment takes to arrive.

This is why the option of having the first time with a escort at home it's very attractive and has many benefits.

To begin with on your outing, sex is guaranteed.
You will be able to experience for the first time with a professional and experienced woman, who can guide you and show you different sexual practices.
In addition to that you can concentrate on having a good time without the nervous about having to think about how to make your partner satisfied.

You may prefer to go to a hotel accommodation with your companion, in that case it is important that you know the details of going to a motel with an escort and know which establishments are nearby, for which you can consult our motel guide for Capital Federal.

According to Roxanne Price, working with adult virgins requires a certain level of understanding and patience, since many of them are introverted and suffer from anxiety, so you have to take time for them to relax and get used to the touch of a woman.
Por este motivo es recomendable buscar una escort que ofrezca el servicio de GFE (Girlfriend experience).

prostituta de categoría con portaligas en la cama mostrando que sabe guardar su secreto

Tips for making your sexual debut with an escort

  • Look for an escort that offers the girlfriend experience service, that is, “girlfriend vibes”.
  • Let the escort know that you are a virgin and want to have your first experience to make sure it is a good option. Many girls do not enjoy working with inexperienced or very young people.
  • Coordinate a meeting lasting 2 or 3 hours. It's your first time, you don't want the clock to be ticking.
  • Focus on enjoying the moment and your escort's body. She will have time to think about how to satisfy a woman in the future.
  • Follow the recommendations to hire an escort for the first time.