Did you know that on each escort's page you have the option to leave a comment about your experience with her?

This not only benefits other users, but also the escorts themselves and allows us to verify that the girls who post on the site are providing a good service.

Just below the photo gallery of the escorts, you will find the section to leave your comments or tell us about your experience with them.

Sección para dejar su comentario o experiencia con las escorts vip que publican en el sitio

Why do comments to escorts have to be validated by an administrator ?

For privacy reasons comments are anonymous. You can choose a name when leaving a comment or tell us about your experience, but there is no way to verify who wrote it.

This is why we must make sure that no personal information about the escort is revealed, that the comments generate value and that they are not aggressions.

Are negative comments allowed ?

Negative comments can be difficult to validate and could stem from personal motivations or misunderstandings, so they are not published. But that does not mean that they are not heeded.
Negative comments about an escort are recorded and in the event that there are several negative reports about the same girl, actions will be taken to ensure the quality of the escorts who wish to publish on the site.

Puta premium con lencería negra esperando los comentarios y experiencias sobre servicio

Why leave comments ?

Report problems with an escort

If you have had any inconvenience with an escort you can use the feedback system to report it. BAEscorts.vip cannot solve it because it is impossible for us to validate the veracity of what is reported and it does not participate in any way in the arrangement between you as a client and the escort. That said, you could stop publishing an escort if you have repeated problems.

Escort Support

Positive comments are a way to support the work of escorts. By highlighting satisfactory experiences, the quality of the service is recognized, giving the escorts a vote of confidence from the clients that allows them to stand out from the rest of the escorts.

Guidance to other users

Positive comments serve as a guide for future users looking for similar services. They provide valuable information about the overall experience, the escort's attitude and the quality of the service.

Reputation building

For the VIP escortspositive comments contribute significantly to building your reputation. A good reputation is essential to attract reliable customers and establish long-term relationships in this area.

Puta de lujo con lencería negra leyendo los comentarios y experiencias sobre servicio

In conclusion, sharing positive comments about escorts not only improves the experience for everyone involved, but also contributes to building a more trustworthy community, supports escorts and orients new users.