The beach isn't just for sunbathing and building sand castles, it's also a perfect setting for stoking the sexual fire. There's something about vacations and the sea that incites you to indulge in lust. There are even several studies that attempt to explain why... High alcohol and substance use appears to be directly linked.
In this article, we give you a few tips on how to venture into a sexual encounter under the sun, whether it is with a traveling escort and is accompanying him on his vacations or some nocturnal conquest.

Site Selection

Not all beaches are the same, and the choice of location is crucial. Opt for less crowded and more secluded areas, where you can enjoy the necessary privacy. A corner sheltered by the dunes or a semi-hidden beach can be the perfect setting to give free rein to passion without worries.

Choosing the Right Time

Planning to meet for sex on the beach when it is quieter, such as in the evening, at sunset or early morning, can increase the likelihood of having that intimate moment without interruption. In addition, the softness of the sunlight during these hours will contribute to create a romantic and sensual atmosphere.

Puta desnuda tirada en la arena de la playa


Comfort is key. Bring a blanket or large towel to keep sand from getting in the way of your enjoyment. It is also important to have some sexual lubricant.

Appropriate Clothing

Choose clothing that is easy to put on and take off. Lightweight, comfortable clothing will ease the transition from foreplay to the main action without hindrance, increasing the spontaneity and excitement of the moment.

Careful with creams

For sex on the beach, keep in mind that if you wear sunscreen you may end up with sand sticking to your body which could be quite uncomfortable.

How to avoid sand

There are ways to escape from the sand, you could use a Paraguayan hammock or the bed of your truck. Be careful with trying to get into the beach resorts, there are always security personnel that could catch you in the act.

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Sex on the beach, with its unique combination of spontaneity and adventure, can be an unforgettable experience for lovers looking to add a touch of spice to their relationship. By following these tips and letting yourself be carried away by the magic of the beach environment, you can create sexual memories with your premium escort that will last long after the waves have erased the footprints in the sand.