It is very common for clients to make the most common mistakes when hiring a escort in Buenos Aires for the first time. Any of these errors could damage the escort-client relationship and make the escort not want to meet.

The experience of hiring an escort for the first time can make you very nervous. Although many people hire escorts today there is a stigma around sex work. This is why nobody usually talks about the subject and therefore there is not much knowledge about what the process is like to arrange the meeting. The most accessible information generally comes from TV, so they don't reflect reality very much.

Next we will talk about some of these most common mistakes that clients make when hiring an escort and how to avoid them to have an excellent meeting with the Escorts in CABA.


The escorts provide a service that is not a basic need, it is a luxury or a special treat that one gives oneself. Each escort has a price for her time and her service, if you don't agree or this is beyond your reach you can look for other girls.

There is always some room for negotiation whether you are a regular, are looking to hire the escort for several hours or are paying for several additional ones. But getting too intense could result in the escort not wanting to serve you.

In We have several categories of publication depending on the price of the escort service, make sure to choose one that is in accordance with what you are looking to spend.

Don't asking questions

If you do not previously know the escort to hire, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not asking her about the details of her service and assuming things.

Before the meeting you should have realistic expectations of the service to receive and what the limits are. For this reason it is key that you ask the escort all the questions you have.
This point in particular often causes problems when organize threesomes with escorts, because clients arrive with an armed fantasy and this is limited by not one but two escorts, who perhaps offer different services, or do not do lesbianism, or practice it to different degrees.

Also, do not trust everything you read about an escort, verify it by asking her. Service with one client may be different from service with another. This is why many escorts directly prefer not to be reviewed online.

Always remember to ask the questions but show a genuine interest in making the meeting happen, if you abuse the questions it could seem that you are wasting the escort's time.

Be disrespectful

Do not disrespect the escorts when you write to them on Whatsapp, do not send them dick pics or similar things or you will end up blocked.
When hiring an escort they have the right to leave or terminate the service at any time if they feel insulted or uncomfortable

It is always recommended that you treat an escort as you would treat any other woman with whom you are dating. Don't assume that because she is paying she can do or say whatever she wants.

Not taking care of hygiene

Related to the previous point, the fact that you are paying does not oblige the escort to have to put up with your lack of hygiene. If you want to have a good experience, good hygiene is key.

Escort recostada en el sofá en ropa interior

Tips to have an excellent experience with an escort

The first experience with an escort can be a bit difficult, that is why we leave you a list of tips to avoid the most common mistakes when hiring an escort:

  • Talk to the escort to explain the service you are looking for and respect the conditions that she mentions.
  • Treat the escort respectfully.
  • Don't ask personal questions.
  • Be punctual.
  • Take the escort to a clean place, have soap and clean towels ready for her.
  • Always bring your own condoms.
  • Take the right amount to pay, preferably in dollars.

Now that you know what the most common mistakes are when hiring an escort. Arrange the meeting with one of these Vip Escorts in CABA, Buenos Aires and have a luxury experience.